Defending Against Charges of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

A colleague doesn’t show up at work for a few days, and when he does, he confesses to a co-worker that he was in jail and is out on bail. He made a wrong move and went to a diner after getting really drunk, and he took a swing at someone there. That someone happened to be a police officer. The co-worker later checks out the web page to learn the potential consequences.

Felony Charges

This type of behavior is always a bad idea. In Oklahoma, it can immediately escalate a possible misdemeanor charge to a felony. Assault is defined as attempting to physically harm the officer. Thus, a man or woman who swings at the cop in the diner may be charged with assault. If this individual actually makes contact and hits the officer, the charge now can be assault and battery.

The individual must know this person is with the police or the charge of assault and battery on an officer will not be legitimate. The officer may be dressed in uniform or may simply be known to the man or woman who committed the assault. The officer might not have been in uniform but may have been attempting to arrest the person for drunk and disorderly conduct in the diner.

Defense Strategies

A lawyer uses various strategies to defend the client. If no witnesses can verify what happened, the defendant may be able to have charges reduced or a judge may dismiss the case. There have been instances in which a police officer claimed to be assaulted but witnesses say the official misunderstood the person’s movements. There may be evidence that the defendant actually was throwing a punch at a different person.

Depending on the circumstances, the defendant may be facing a prison sentence that could last for several years. Additional charges, such as the one of disorderly conduct, make the situation even worse. In any case in which charges are filed for assaulting a law enforcement official, the defendant needs skilled legal representation by a firm such as Tulsa Criminal Lawyers to prevent receiving the harshest sentence from a judge.

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